Our Story – by Hanna von Hebel

Beep, beep, beep“. My hand tried to reach my alarm clock. It was dark. I‘d moved into a new apartment because of my last mission. Well, I had been successful but a lot of people were after me. I was a detective. I’d got a lot of missions, but this mission, this mission was different. I was supposed to arrest this person. His name was Aiden. He was someone who had committed many crimes from robbery to vandalism, but no murder…

I got dressed and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of toast and walked out of my apartment. On the way I thought about the case. Something wasn’t right about it like he always managed to escape without someone noticing him. His file didn´t help me much either because it had no photo of him. Just his name and his crimes. I arrived at my office to see a man at the door waiting for someone to open it. He started to introduce himself as “Ben“ and told me that he was my new partner. I didn´t know I would get a new partner but I didn´t pay much attention to it and invited him in. When we arrived at my office, I had already told him about my or now our new mission. Ben frowned. We had no idea where to start, so we just decided to go back to the last place Aiden had broken into. When we arrived, we looked at everything over and over again. At first we didn’t find anyhing, but then from the corner of my eye I saw that one edge of the carpet was frayed. I lifted the carpet to find a note that said: “Trust nobody“. I smiled because I thought lines like that would only exist in movies. But in the back of my mind, I knew I had to be cautious.

Being caught in my thoughts Ben called me to tell me that one of the pictures was displaced which we hadn‘t noticed before. We took the picture down but didn’t find anything visible. Nevertheless I called someone to check for fingerprints. As I had imagined there were two fingerprints of two different people. One belonged to Aiden and one to someone we didn´t know.

Just like that the day was over. When I got to my apartment I heard some noises, some quiet whispering. I pulled out my gun and ran inside. I faced a tall man. I wanted to scream at him, pull him down onto the ground and put his arms behind his back but he grabbed me first and instructed me to be quiet. I struggled to get out of his grip but no chance. The man told me that his name was Aiden and that he was the person I was looking for. I didn´t believe him until he threw a file to me containing the exact mission I was working on. He explained that he had been tricked by Ben all the time and I trusted in him. It was weird because I‘d never thought I would do so, but he had something about him, something that reassured me. We sat down to talk and he confessed me that he needed my help to put Ben behind bars. I asked him how he wanted to do it and he started to explain his plan to me. I knew that his idea needed many weeks to develop before we could perform it. And so it started.

During daytime I worked together with Ben and at nighttime I collaborated with Aiden realising his plans against Ben. If I had to be honest, working with Aiden all the time made me feel something. I fell in love with him. But it was the night before everything was set up for, so I couldn´t mess it up and I didn’t say a word to Aiden. The next morning it was all rainy and wet. When I rushed to the office to fetch Ben and bring him to the alley Aiden and I had chosen he wasn´t there. I tried to call him but at that exact moment I heard a shot. I ran outside to see Ben standing on top of Aiden. I saw red. I sprinted over to them and shot Ben before he could react. Everything was covered in blood as I held Aiden in my arms. His wounds were too deep and we both knew he wouldn´t make it. I told him that I loved him when he took his last breath.

Two years later I´m now walking down the beach thinking of a good book title for our story the book I write.

Written by Hanna von Hebel

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